Provisional Membership

Membership of the British Institute of Professional Photography is open to full or part time professional photographers from all disciplines.

The BIPP has one main entry membership known as Provisional Membership.  This is designed to ensure we provide individual photographers with the right support needed to achieve qualification.

If you would rather take your time submitting for your qualification, or you do not want to qualify, you can stay in touch with the BIPP by joining our Friends package. Read More…

Provisional Membership (£250 inc VAT)

Entry requirements: 

  • You must be earning money from your images
  • You must be professionally insured, with public liability and professional indemnity insurance (if you need advice on this please contact us, companies offer BIPP Members some huge discounts)

What you will receive: 

  • Membership benefits of discounts and preferential deals
  • Members rates on training events (saving up to £100 a course)
  • Members rates on Portfolio Reviews
  • Professional services to help your business grow
  • The Photographer magazine
  • Regular e-news updates

Restrictions of Provisional Membership: 

  • You cannot advertise yourself as a Member of the BIPP or use the BIPP logo until you have qualified
  • You will not have voting rights until you have qualified

How to Join:

  1. Fill in the Membership Form and send it to us with:

    • A CD of 30 – 40 low res images of your current work
    • Copies of your insurance certificates
    • Completed Direct Debit form
  2. Once we receive all this your images will be seen by a panel of Assessors who will determine if you are within a year of successfully completing your BIPP qualification
  3. If they feel you are, your application for Provisional Membership is accepted and you’ll receive your Membership Pack
  4. If Assessors believe you should take a little more time before going for your qualification, they will suggest the best way forward

  5. No money is taken unless your application has been successful. Once paid, your year's membership is non-refundable but as soon as you qualify, you'll pay a reduced rate, by direct debit.

Download a copy of the Membership Form here