Federation of European Photographers (FEP)

QEP & MQEP - November 2017 Judging Session


With the new system, from now on, QEP and MQEP pre-registrations will be done online.

Candidates are to follow the following steps:

1) Log-in into the FEP website (if not done yet, candidates have to register to the website)

2) Click on “QEP application November 2017” or “MQEP application November 2017”


4) UPLOAD THEIR IMAGES into the system. (In case of a successful application, these images will appear in the QEP gallery on our website. That means that candidates do not need to send CDs or USB sticks anymore)

5) PAY the application online with credit card through the website (Otherwise, the “old system” of wire transfers is still accepted but in this case, candidates has to inform the FEP secretariat by sending an email to secretariat@europeanphotographers.eu )

6) Print out the online application form once it is completed and send it together with the panel.

Then, the panels can be printed on a later stage and they must be on place within November 13 and November 24.  

The judging session itself will be in Rome, 25-26 November 2017. The address is indicated in the online application form. 

The deadline for make the registration online is October 15. Don’t miss it!

Looking forward to receiving your applications! 

For further information: CLICK HERE


FETA - The FEP Emerging Talent Award

The FETA is aimed for European photographic students and young photographers under the age of 30 and it is held in collaboration with a number of Universities and Colleges throughout Europe, aiming to recognize the high standard of photographic image making, taking place in Europe by final year University students.

The competition closes in November 2017

The FEP – FETA award is entry fee is only 20€/portfolio and each portfolio will be evaluated by 3 international judges; feedback is also given to all participants.

The winner of “The Emerging Talent Award” will receive a certificate during the FETA Award Ceremony (we will communicate the exact date and venue of the ceremony on a later stage). All those who received awards will be invited to collect their prize and FEP may contribute to their travel expenses.

The winner and the students who will get merits will also win a free submission for the QEP qualification when the criteria of a QEP application is otherwise met (i.e. a membership in a national FEP member association). At the discretion of the organisation concerned, a one year free membership may be offered to Merit award winners and the overall winner.

Further information about FETA and a full set of rules can be found on FEP website at:  http://www.europeanphotographers.eu/students

The BIPP is the sole UK link to the Federation of European Photographers (FEP), a network of 33 National Professional Photographers Associations from 29 European countries, recognised by the EU and officially registered in Belgium.

The FEP is the central reference authority for photography in the EU and represents over 50,000 professional photographers in Europe, defending the rights of professional photographers directly and in communion with national and international organisations. It represents the interests of member associations on a global scale on topics like education, training, professional standards, authors rights and more.
The FEP also established the European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards to promote the highest standards in European professional photography and is the Forum where all European professional associations meet, confer and act.
For further information, please visit

European Photographer Qualification with the FEP

The European Photographer (EP) qualification aims to recognise competence and a professional standard for those who earn their living as Professional Photographers.  The EP is a new basic quality assurance certification now available to most general Professional Photographers throughout Europe.

The EP certificate lasts 4 years, by which time the holder will be encouraged to apply for a QEP certificate or to then reapply for the EP certificate again.

Through an agreement between the FEP and the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) the new FEP Euro-qualification for professional photographers (the EP) will be premiered at British photographers.

The FEP recognizes that the BIPP has a long established and sophisticated qualification system as an awarding body and is authorised by the FEP to award the EP. This is a recognition to the photographers who have achieved the UK national qualification (LBIPP) which may also be awarded with the EP qualification.

For further information about the EP Award as well as full rules and regulations visit www.europeanphotographers.eu/qualifications/ep-qualification or contact Jane Goward at BIPP on jane@bipp.com

Click here to download a copy of the EP application form